Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Scruffy Prince and the Podgy Princess, settled down and watched a movie together, well actually what happened was the Scruffy Prince watched the movie and the Podgy Princess then carried on pottering on her shiny iMac.   The Podgy Princess is very magpie like and does rather enjoy her shiny things.  Eventually,  Prince Charming text appeared on the Podgy Princess's mobile, the Podgy Princess  bid her goodnights to the Scruffy Prince and headed upstairs to chat on Skype to Prince Charming.   The couple chatted over their days and exchanged amusing stories and simply enjoyed each others company, made easier by being able to see each others reactions.

Eventually tiredness over took the Podgy Princess, and she bid goodnight to her second Prince of the night and went off to the land of nod, and dreamt of fluffy clouds and knights in shining armour - which lets face it is just a Princesses version of a man in uniform.

Being a Sunday, and the Scruffy Prince being safely back in the castle the Podgy Princess got to ignore the gurgling alarm clock at 6 am that was the smallest small subject and remained asleep to almost 9 am when her bladder woke her.   "Humph diet, stupid amounts of water, humph only real chance to catch up on beauty sleep"  were several of the more type-able grunts that emitted from the Podgy Princesses mouth.

She realised that she had a horrible headache from dehydration and as much as her bed was screaming out her name she knew that she needed to get some fluids into her body.  She clambered down the stairs and was met by several of the small subjects who seemed pleased to see the Podgy Princess, and the small subject v3  exclaimed his current war cry "I am hungry"  so the Podgy Princess fixed the small subject a snack and eyed up the box of delicious treats that awaited her.   She tried to gather enthusiasm but there was no enthusiasm to be found.  So she settled for a cup of mint tea and a large glass of water.

The Podgy Princesses mother was poorly and was in hospital so she decided that she really must go to visit her.  The Podgy Princess also decided that she really wanted to whilst the Scruffy Prince was back from the land of trolls, and before returned taking the Podgy Princesses car with him to leave at the airport that she really wanted to change the stock stereo for something that would sound a bit better and be more versatile.   The Scruffy Prince and The Podgy Princess owned 2 cars,  a 7 seat practical car and a much more fun 2 seated car.   Legally The fun car was the Podgy Princesses which was a fact that she often joked about, however on the main it was the Scruffy that drove the car to and from his work.  

The Podgy Princess did very much like her car,  she had just recently changed it - to a newer version of the car that she had previously.   She was in someways not a very girlie girl, in others like her love of shoes handbags and shiny things was a very girlie girl.   She was also very practical, so she had researched which replacement stereo that she wanted, and had purchased the new facia and knew exactly how to change them over - well sort of.   The downside was the stereo that she wanted was out of stock everywhere in the land apart from in one slightly far flung place - but the Podgy Princess had not had much of a chance to play with the new car, and being a bright if cold day - so the roof would have to stay up she discussed it with the Scruffy Prince, who was going to be taking the small subjects to his parents house and it was agreed that this is what would happen.

The Podgy Princess gathered all the tools that she would require for the swap - she decided that she was going to do it in a quiet corner of the car park, so that if she required any other things to complete the job she was close at hand.   She bid the Scruffy Prince and the small subjects good bye and headed off on her travels.   The Podgy Princess had recently become quite enchanted by a few groups which Prince Charming had introduced her to, and was rather looking forwards to being entertained by a band which in the Podgy Princesses opinion the drummer was a clear case of having ADHD, and that the singer was rather Zebedee like in nature.   But she had grown rather fond of them and their music and was very much impressed by their talent.  

The drive went well, the purchasing the stereo went well, the fitting of it was pretty straight forwards, although did consume more time than the Podgy Princess had thought it would, but she was feeling pretty pleased with herself, she got it all to the stage that she simply had to connect it - she had bought the correct wiring harness, so it really was just a simple plug it in.   So she did and nothing.   Nothing at all.  She disconnected it all, she then checked all the connectors, and tried to power the unit up again.   Still nothing.   She looked at the time and the store that she had bought the stereo from was due to close in 15 minutes, so she quickly hurried back to the store and explained to the store assistant that the unit was faulty.

The store assistant could clearly not believe this was the case, and asked the Podgy Princess had she plugged it in right.  The Podgy Princess bit her tongue, and watched as the assistant then plugged the unit in, then the surprise on the assistants face when indeed - it did not power up, who knew a woman who could actually fit a car stereo, and all by herself.  Heavens!

A new unit was purchased and the Podgy Princess did gain a small victory when she asked the assistant to check that this unit actually worked, and a bigger one when the assistant acclaimed "oh it has different connectors" and the Podgy Princess was able to point out that the assistant was actually trying to connect the back of the display model stereo with the unit that the Podgy Princess wanted to be testing.  Mistake rectified and it was thankfully the cast the replacement unit worked.   So the Podgy Princess took the replacement unit and plugged it in and then reconstructed the car,  she bid fair well to the car park that she had resided in for the past 2 and a half hours!

The new stereo sounded AMAZING.   The Podgy Princess sang her podgy little heart out and the journey flew past, just as the day had done.  The Podgy Princess had planned to return to the castle and actually get some food into her system, but there was no time she really had to go and visit her mum who was still in hospital.

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