Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The Podgy Princess, felt a bit like Cinderella.   She was going to see the lovely Magenta to learn how to move and walk in heels (and take off some clothing) - but mainly to learn how to be a bit more confident about her body.   She had always been fascinated by burlesque, the teasing aspect was right up the Podgy Princesses alleyway.  

She just simply could not find her other shoe, she did think wistfully that it would be rather nice if the lovely Prince Charming would turn up with it - although she did realise that if that was the case then there would be no class for her tonight, and she was fairly sure that the shoe was somewhere round there.  

Shoe was eventually located and the Podgy Princess then carried on getting ready for leaving the castle.

It did seem rather fitting that the Podgy Princess had first met the distinguished Prince Charming via a social media site as her alias on the site was the name she had joked would be her "performing" name.   The Prince was more than a little interested in the Podgy Princesses classes, which he liked to refer to as her "wiggling"   The Podgy Princess was attending these classes with a very old friend (that is a friend who had been a friend for a long time rather than just plain old..) and along with the lovely Magenta.

The Podgy Princess was not the best student really, she did become rather giggly.  This of course was simply her self consciousness,  which of course is one of the things that she hopes will improve.   She did also rather seem like a baby giraffe trying to balance in her heels on one leg, although she did think it would be more like a baby hippo or elephant, but hopefully after the battle of the scales was won then she would be a bit more giraffe like.

Class done the Podgy Princess drove home listening to some very loud music in a very happy mood.   She had barely seen the Scruffy Prince all day so she arrived back at the Castle and exchanged a few words asking how his day had gone and then retired for the night to the royal boudoir.

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