Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Podgy Princess woke to the sound of music, she rubbed her eyes with her podgy little hands, and could not quite work out where the music was coming from.   She then realised that it was her mobile phone, and that somehow she had managed to change the annoying beep to a song she rather liked.   She took this as a sign that today was going to be a good day.

Knowing that she had not eaten many calories the day before and although she hadn't managed to do as much exercise as she had hoped the day before with the wiggling class at night and the running around she naturally did as a carer of 4 children she decided that she would check to see if she was anywhere near ketosis.   So decision made she stuck her podgy food from below the duvet where it had been very cosy, and was rather surprised that it was not cold!  It was May after all but it had not seemed to be very spring like of late.

She plodded to the bathroom, and had her wee (yes even Princesses have to pee) and much to her delight she was in ketosis, not a huge amount of ketones only one plus but that was good for only one day :)   She also decided to give the scales a chance to make up to her after they were so mean to her the day before.   They showed a 2lb drop which she knew was down to water retention and or being bloated the day before.   The podgy Princess did think to herself that bloating was just such a horrible word.   However it did mean 2lbs less to loose which is always a good thing.

She went down the stairs and saw all the small subjects.  They were all rather busy having breakfast and fussing over the kitten that had arrived whilst the Podgy Princess was trying to catch the wagon that was speeding quickly away from her after her fall.

She decided that today her goals would be the same as the day befores

* to drink 3 litres of water
* to eat only delicious diet food (up to 4 portions)
* to burn 600 calories via exercise.

Prince Charming did request that the Podgy Princess eat a bit more than she had managed to do the day before, and she did tell him that she would try, she also feels that she should only eat tho if she is actually hungry :)

The Podgy Princess once more was delighted to be able to say that both her Princes as they always did were supporting her and encouraging her.  She felt very lucky again to have 2 such lovely Princes in her life.   She knew that it was not a situation that a lot of people would understand but it currently was working for the 3 adults in the situation and more importantly in all their opinion for the children involved.


The Podgy Princess, felt a bit like Cinderella.   She was going to see the lovely Magenta to learn how to move and walk in heels (and take off some clothing) - but mainly to learn how to be a bit more confident about her body.   She had always been fascinated by burlesque, the teasing aspect was right up the Podgy Princesses alleyway.  

She just simply could not find her other shoe, she did think wistfully that it would be rather nice if the lovely Prince Charming would turn up with it - although she did realise that if that was the case then there would be no class for her tonight, and she was fairly sure that the shoe was somewhere round there.  

Shoe was eventually located and the Podgy Princess then carried on getting ready for leaving the castle.

It did seem rather fitting that the Podgy Princess had first met the distinguished Prince Charming via a social media site as her alias on the site was the name she had joked would be her "performing" name.   The Prince was more than a little interested in the Podgy Princesses classes, which he liked to refer to as her "wiggling"   The Podgy Princess was attending these classes with a very old friend (that is a friend who had been a friend for a long time rather than just plain old..) and along with the lovely Magenta.

The Podgy Princess was not the best student really, she did become rather giggly.  This of course was simply her self consciousness,  which of course is one of the things that she hopes will improve.   She did also rather seem like a baby giraffe trying to balance in her heels on one leg, although she did think it would be more like a baby hippo or elephant, but hopefully after the battle of the scales was won then she would be a bit more giraffe like.

Class done the Podgy Princess drove home listening to some very loud music in a very happy mood.   She had barely seen the Scruffy Prince all day so she arrived back at the Castle and exchanged a few words asking how his day had gone and then retired for the night to the royal boudoir.

well unlike the well known song of 2 out of 3 ain't bad,  1 out of 3 is....

yesterdays goals were

Todays goals are

* To only eat delicious diet food (up to 4 portions)
* To drink 3 litres of water
* To exercise adequately to burn 600 calories


this Podgy Princess, did not manage to eat 4 portions of diet food - she only ate 2, but re-reading the goal of only eating delicious diet food (up to 4 portions) she guesses that she actually did manage this :) 

she did indeed manage to drink 3 litres of water

however the 600 calories specific exercise did not happen, 

but 2 out of 3 ain't apparently bad - there is a song about it so it must be true to I guess yesterday wasn't a terrible start to this attempt to mount a war on the flab....

(data - cals eaten 243 exercise total 187)

Monday, May 20, 2013

CRASH........did You hear that?  Actually very possible that you felt it - it was the sound of the Podgy Princess falling off the wagon and bumping her head on the way.

Big break, and BIG weight gain.

Several factors in play,  both emotionally and physically.   The Podgy Princess has been battling several mental dragons all by herself - one would think that with not one but two Princess around the place that she would never need to dirty her finger nails again,  but of course life is not really like that.

However she has pulled up her ever tightening big girl pants and has once more climbed onto the horse and is hoping that this time it all works out for her.

The Podgy Princess, woke and rubbed her eyes.   Sat up feeling dazed and a little stunned.   She knew she simply had to face things and get on the scales again.    It had felt a bit groundhog day lately.  The Podgy Princess would start dieting, then have to stop dieting, she would have lost 7lbs dieting and then gain 21lbs in the following 2 weeks that it took her to fully get back on the horse.   Not helped by the clumsy nature of the Podgy Princess and her poor health of late.

She decided to stick her head back below the covers both physically and mentally,  She closed  her eyes and thought to herself "where is my fairy godmother?"   She felt slightly peeved that despite being a princess she never had gotten those 3 wishes that fairy-tails are so keen to suggest that she should be entitled to.   She pondered what she would have wished for this morning had she woken to find that she in-fact was the proud owner of 3 wishes,  She realised that her second and third wishes would be to be slim and healthy.    She gave herself a mental slap and realised that this is the very reason why it was a good job that she never did have 3 wishes granted to her, as she would simply waste them, as she actually had the power to grant those wishes to herself, she just had to put some time and effort into them.

She allowed herself a few moments to think about what her first wish would have been, which would have been to have woken up beside Prince Charming, she did very much miss him.

She adjusted her big girl pants, and got out of bed.   She had a number in her head of what she thought the scales would say.  They didn't.  And not in a good way.   Her mood dropped like a stone, and she felt a little hard done by, as she really did not feel that she number on the scales reflected on how she had been eating lately, she had also started to try and be a little more active and do some walking.

She lifted up her chin, and decided that the only way to deal with this was head on.  

The Podgy Princess decided that she should set herself some goals for the day, and take it one day at a time.  And look at ever single pound lost as a small victory.

Todays goals are

* To only eat delicious diet food (up to 4 portions)
* To drink 3 litres of water
* To exercise adequately to burn 600 calories