Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Podgy Princess woke to the sound of music, she rubbed her eyes with her podgy little hands, and could not quite work out where the music was coming from.   She then realised that it was her mobile phone, and that somehow she had managed to change the annoying beep to a song she rather liked.   She took this as a sign that today was going to be a good day.

Knowing that she had not eaten many calories the day before and although she hadn't managed to do as much exercise as she had hoped the day before with the wiggling class at night and the running around she naturally did as a carer of 4 children she decided that she would check to see if she was anywhere near ketosis.   So decision made she stuck her podgy food from below the duvet where it had been very cosy, and was rather surprised that it was not cold!  It was May after all but it had not seemed to be very spring like of late.

She plodded to the bathroom, and had her wee (yes even Princesses have to pee) and much to her delight she was in ketosis, not a huge amount of ketones only one plus but that was good for only one day :)   She also decided to give the scales a chance to make up to her after they were so mean to her the day before.   They showed a 2lb drop which she knew was down to water retention and or being bloated the day before.   The podgy Princess did think to herself that bloating was just such a horrible word.   However it did mean 2lbs less to loose which is always a good thing.

She went down the stairs and saw all the small subjects.  They were all rather busy having breakfast and fussing over the kitten that had arrived whilst the Podgy Princess was trying to catch the wagon that was speeding quickly away from her after her fall.

She decided that today her goals would be the same as the day befores

* to drink 3 litres of water
* to eat only delicious diet food (up to 4 portions)
* to burn 600 calories via exercise.

Prince Charming did request that the Podgy Princess eat a bit more than she had managed to do the day before, and she did tell him that she would try, she also feels that she should only eat tho if she is actually hungry :)

The Podgy Princess once more was delighted to be able to say that both her Princes as they always did were supporting her and encouraging her.  She felt very lucky again to have 2 such lovely Princes in her life.   She knew that it was not a situation that a lot of people would understand but it currently was working for the 3 adults in the situation and more importantly in all their opinion for the children involved.

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