Thursday, March 21, 2013

day 2

The sun rose it's head and the smallest of the small subjects woke the house with her cries obviously starving to death.   The Podgy Princess "muttered grumpily" and she thinks she is hungry.   She tried to block out the yells but that was not going to happen, so she got out of bed.   She traipsed to the bathroom, and saw the scales staring back at her taunting her "I will sort you out" she thought wickedly, she used the loo (yes even Princesses Podgy or not have to wee) and stood on the scales, a smile formed on the Podgy Princesses mouth, 2lbs lighter than yesterday.   2 down 82 to go she thought.  Felt a bit depressed at the huge battle she had to wage on the bulge, but then thought now what would both of the Princes say to me - "well done - it is a start" was her conclusion and with that thought on her mind she lifted the smallest small out of the cot and headed downstairs yelling at the other small subjects that it was time to get up for school.  "Well I am up everyone has to be up" she thought and then laughed.

The small subjects all had their breakfasts and the Podgy Princess walked the small subjects to school and pushed the smallest small subject back to the Royal Residence.   She realised that she was hungry and that she was not really looking forwards to breakfast, the lumpy grey shakes still slightly too fresh in her mind and not quite believing yet that she could have actually found a diet that she could enjoy rather than just endure!   But it had to happen, so she chose another chocolate bar - the decadence of having chocolate gave her a kick.  "Mmmm what shall I choose" she said to no one in particular.   "Maple Fruit and Almond, how bad could it really be" she thought to herself.

She flopped down her throne, and peeled back the silver wrapper, and bit into it, she chewed the bar, not really paying attention to it as she checked her email, she found herself biting in the bar again without thinking about it,  carried on reading her mail, and another bite vanished - she suddenly realised that she was actually relatively enjoying it.   Again not anything as pleasant as chocolate that she would chose for decadence however she carried on eating the bar and soon it was gone.    She found herself thinking "will definitely be looking forwards to having that again"

She pottered around the castle for the rest of the morning and then had to go and attend to some royal business out in her kingdom.  She decided that she would just take some water to drink and would eat when she returned.  

On returning to the Castle it was time to collect the small subjects and to supervise the homework, make dinner, again she managed to avoid nibbling anything that she shouldn't have, and felt rather proud and empowered by her will power.   She busied herself tidying and sorting and cleaning.   The small subjects were all bedded for the night, she went back to the brown box of delights, she chose "chicken curry noodle soup" slightly disappointed by the small amount of water she had to add, she contemplated having 2 sachets and having the 3 "items" over and done with,  but decided that one would be plenty.   She opened the sachet and thought "well it smells nice enough, in fact it reminds me rather of those dreadful but rather delicious pot noodle things of my student days"  she mixed the soup and left for the prescribed time and a little longer to let it cool.   "yum" she thought " I so can eat this"  it had texture, it had taste it was actually food and more than just palatable!

She sat on her throne, watching TV and suddenly realised her feet were freezing,  this brought a smile of hope to the Podgy Princesses face, "maybe just maybe I have actually already got into ketosis" she thought hopefully.  A bigger smile crossed her face as she remembered Prince Charming calling her "his little ice cube" and skipped off to the loo to test her theory......

"RESULT" she squealed in delight, KETOSIS!!! "go me" she thought and enjoyed the feeling of her freezing feet.

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