Friday, March 22, 2013

To celebrate getting into Ketosis the Podgy Princess took herself the to Royal kitchen and selected a caramel flavoured shake, "this is either going to be OK or seriously foul" she said to herself.   Again she added the powder to the water and shook the shaker, and poured the liquid into a glass.   Once more she was pleasantly surprised another shake that actually tasted ok.   She quickly finished the glass, and then had 2 more glasses of water.  

The Podgy Princess realised that her feet were freezing, she knew that she would not be able to get them warm before bed without having either a bath or a shower, and she knew if she went to bed with them cold she simply wouldn't be able to sleep.   She debated both options, and decided that she was going to spoil herself, and have a long hot soak in the bath.   She enjoyed the sensation of the hot water warming her and relaxed letting the stress of the day soak away.

Once she was a slightly prune like Podgy Princess, she drained the water out the bath and took herself off to bed.   She snuggled down, and realised that her feet were cold, and without her Prince to warm them on, she realised the only option was SOCK!  Prince Charming would be happy.....well as long as she didn't wear them when he was around.

The Princess slept and had lovely fluffy dreams, dreams of sunny days, right up till the dulcet tones of the smallest small subject gently squee'ing her little head off woke the Podgy Princess - a full hour before the Podgy Princess actually wanted to get up.   The Podgy Princess ignored the happy chattering of the baby, and day dreamed some more of being slim and being full of energy.

The Princess went to the bathroom, and again saw the scales, she had a quick internal dialog.  "mmm maybe they will show that the 2lbs down was a blip and that they will show no loss, do I really want to deal with that knock back?"  she sat on the toilet and realised that her will power not to weigh herself wasn't actually that strong.   She stood up and after finishing the job at hand, and of course washed her hands, she took a deep breath in and stood on the scales.   Her eyes widened in disbelief.   She stood off the scales, and then stood on them again, still the same number showed on the dial.   Once more she stood off and then back on and finally she allowed herself to smile.  The scales showed that she was now 2 days completed of her diet and was rewarded with 7 lbs off in total.  

7lbs down means REWARD time.   The Podgy Princess loves shiny things!  So every 7lbs down she gets to place a new charm on her charm bracelet!   So today the Podgy Princess chose a castle, she smiled at herself and thought "see told Prince Charming I had a castle...."

Once more the daily tasks of getting the small subjects off to school had to be done, and again the Podgy Princess didn't find time to have breakfast until she got back with the smallest small subject, who then decided to be a bit high maintenance.   And the thought of milk shake for breakfast didn't appeal, but she knew that she really had to get into a better routine with her meal replacements as she really did need to be not eating so late at night.    She then set herself the goal for the day to have a shake for her breakfast, then she would have a meal replacement, and then either a soup or a bar once the small subjects were all settled for the night.

The princess went off to make the smallest subject her second bottle of milk for the day, and pulled up her big girl pants, and selected a cookies and cream shake from the box of mysteries.   Again as if by magic it mixed into a smooth shake - a world removed from the lumpy shakes of yesterdiet!   This one was not unpleasant, but not really a taste that the Podgy Princess was overly keen on, it was a bit sweet, but this was the Podgy Princesses game plan this time to actually try many of the products from the range and then just reorder the ones that she enjoyed 

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