Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day one - the evening....

The Podgy Princess sat on her extremely comfortable and nicely upholstered, very well padded bum.  Suddenly she jumped as her mobile phone shrilled with the warning that a message was waiting for her attention on her mobile phone.  She swiped her delicate Princess like finger over the shiny device, and her bingo wings wobbled in support of this movement.   The message was from Prince Charming.

"How's the diet going?"  the message hung in the air.   The Podgy Princess picked up her mobile "oh you mean my delicious new food stuffs" she jollily typed back, trying put off the inevitable concerned messages that would arrive from Prince Charming.  His reply text read "Err....Yes?" The time really had come and the Podgy Princess had to admit to her short coming "seriously not as good as I should have done, but from the other direction,  have only managed to eat 2 "things" rather than 3, and not drank enough fluids"  She continued to explain "I simply wasn't hungry and really couldn't face the thought of the 3rd item, but the bar was OK and the soup was OK"  His reply came quickly "thoroughly confused now,  you haven't eaten as much as you should?"  "yes" she replied and then continued "I had one bar and one soup and I should have had a 3rd thing"  "Have you had anything that you shouldn't?" he texted quickly back "no" she replied "That's a result then, obviously not something to do day after day, but a good day one, well done my love" She read the reply and smiled, he truly was her Prince Charming and she knew that she would be relying on him for support during this battle, and it was so reassuring and lovely that he was giving it to her from day one.

The Podgy Princess and Prince Charming chatted on about their days, both raising smiles from the other.   The Podgy Princess felt that she really should push herself and raise her game and tentatively put out there "debating going and having a shake" Prince Charming came back with "well the choc bar was better than you expected, so was the soup" "yes" she replied.   "So really you should sample the delicious nutritious shake really, it might be totally  grim, but it might be a pleasant reply my love" The Podgy Princess could really not fault his logic, or come up with any counter argument.  The couple then discussed the merits of the various flavours available in the end The Podgy Princess settled on Prince Charming's choice of "Cafe Latte"

She measured the water out and put it in with the sachet of powder into the shaker, she shook the mix and then poured the liquid into her glass, she stared with disbelief - where was the lumpy grey disgusting thick gross drink she had prepared to gag down, instead there was a smooth, lump-less reasonably appealing looking drink.   It smelt quite pleasant - she tentatively took a sip, certainly not something that she would choose to order if she were out and about, however it certainly could go down easy enough.

Prince Charming was full of praise for her effort, and the Podgy Princess basked in the glow.   Having been a long day with The Scruffy Prince being off in a foreign land fighting dragons the couple said good night, and the Podgy Princess clambered the wooden hill, up to the royal boudoir.

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