Friday, March 22, 2013

The Podgy Princess spent the morning plodding about the castle, still feeling quite cold, and a bit of a sore head but the other side effects from withdrawing from carbohydrates and putting her body in starvation mode were not bothering The Podgy Princess too much really. She kept herself busy during the day, well actually the smallest small kept her busy during the morning, she had hoped to get the smallest small subject to settle to give her an opportunity to have an uninterrupted chat at lunchtime with the delightful if slightly mature Prince Charming.   The Podgy Princess and Prince Charming did try to chat every lunchtime, to get a chance to catch up and usually to have fun with each other.  Today's chat was mainly about music, but the Prince was very generous with his praise on the Podgy Princesses efforts to date with her dieting, his understanding of just how difficult this was for helped the Podgy Princess enormously.   Hearing that Prince Charming was proud of her made the Podgy Princess feel really good about herself.

After speaking to Prince Charming, the Podgy Princess checked her email and there was a mail waiting from the Scruffy Prince who also had lovely supportive words for the Podgy Princess.  Having a cheerleading squad in the 2 most important men in her life made the Podgy Princess feel very humble  and extremely grateful to have 2 so amazing people in her life.

The afternoon pasted in flash,  the Podgy Princess again was kept busy with the smallest small subject and then the other small subjects returned from school.   The Podgy Princess started to struggle somewhat as she was actually really hungry and could choose from several things that she would really like to eat.   But with the words of praise from the Princess ringing in her ear she boiled the kettle and choose some chicken soup "well it is good for your soul isn't it" she tried to cheer herself with the idea.

The soup again actually smelt OK, it actually tasted OK too - result she thought.  She had been a bit slack in the mixing of the soup, so it was lumpy but even with lumps it was ok!   The excitement started to bubble that finally there may be a solution to becoming a Curvy Princess rather than a Podgy one.

Making dinner for the small subjects was a bit more of a struggle for the Podgy Princess she immediately thought "mmmmm food"  then straight away realised that she really needed to be strong and not give in to the natural urges that her body was sending to her.   She reached for the box of delights and chose a chocolate praline bar.   She peeled back the wrapper and bit in to the bar - her first thoughts were "OH this tastes like milky way bars used to"   she took a second bite and then realised with slight disappointment that there was a light "diet" after taste but it still went down easily enough.

The rest of the early evening was a blur as the small subjects got ready to go to the ball, there was a local fundraising ball that 2 of the small subjects would attend.   The least small small subject thought that the ball sounded boring and could not be persuaded otherwise.  The least small small subject and the Podgy Princess had a jolly nice chatter to the Scruffy Prince on Skype,  where upon the Podgy Princess had to admit to having thrown the limo's keys at the least small small subject expecting him to catch them - which he did - with his face!   The Podgy Princess got round the small matter by bribing the least small small subject with some chocolate.

She hadn't really thought this through much, the least small small subject becomes very social and very lovely and interactive when he is one to one with someone, and he was very very sweet and wanted to share his bag of chocolate with the Podgy Princess, she was really thrilled by his kindness and generosity but did explain that she was back to not eating regular food and that she was proud that he had thought to share and that she hoped that he would enjoy them.  The plus side was the bag of chocolate was one of the few that the Podgy Princess really liked and they had taunted her every time she opened the cupboard!

The small small subject, and the slightly bigger small subject, arrived back from the ball, and the Podgy Princess got them organised and safely tucked up in bed.

The Podgy Princess realised that she was struggling on a few fronts.  She was cold, so so cold.   It is hard to describe just cold her feet and hands can get during ketosis,  She was hungry, and also missing having either of the Princess around.   It was now 2 weeks since she had last saw Prince Charming, and  she missed him, she was also missing having the Scruffy Prince around, it was a Friday evening and for as many as she could remember if they were both home they would sit on the couch and watch movies together.  she missed having the Scruffy Prince around to talk to and laugh with.

She decided that the best course of action was to go and have another hot bath and relax, it would also stop her feeling so cold, which could only be a good thing - right?

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