Saturday, March 23, 2013

The bath indeed did help, it warmed the Podgy Princess up immediately, however was not overly relaxing when she stuck the spa jets on and they made a funny sound and the pump sounded less than happy...."another thing to sort out" thought the Podgy Princess to herself.   She also started to not really enjoy her bath that much, which she recognised as a sign of hypotension (low blood pressure)  She had been chatting via text to Prince Charming, and he was very concerned about this and encouraged her to get out of the bath and get to somewhere safe,  she assured him that whilst in the bath it wasn't an issue it would be one when she got back onto dry land.

Thankfully the Podgy Princess managed to get herself safely out the bath and quickly dried her feet and put them in some rather fetching pink fluffy boot style slipper she dried the rest of her and then wrapped her ample frame in a large soft towelling dressing gown.  Once settled in bed, she fired up her shiny macBook and signed into Skype.

By then the Scruffy Prince had signed off for the night - he was in a different time zone to the Podgy Princess, but Prince Charming had signed in to make sure that the Podgy Princess was safely tucked up.    They chatted for a while, the Podgy Princess as much as she hated to do it, the Podgy Princess told Prince Charming that she really need  to get some beauty sleep - at this point in time the Podgy Princess feels that she needs all the help she can get in that department!!

The Podgy Princess slept far too short a time, the smallest small subject decided that despite having gone to bed  a whole hour later than usual that 6am really was time to get up and party.   The Podgy Princess did not share this view, but had been unusually forward thinking, and had taken a picnic up for the smallest small, contained in it, well if truth be told, it solely consisted of a bottle of the finest vintage baby milk.   The smallest small consumed the hot milky delight and did not really like the idea of an after breakfast nap, but did settle allowing the Podgy Princess to hide below the covers for a little bit longer.

She eventually gave up on the idea of any more sleep, and took the smallest small subject (who if truth be told wasn't really truly a small subject at all, and the Podgy Princess was simply fostering the infant till she was going to be placed with her forever family, but the smallest small subject very much loved the Podgy Princess almost as much as the Podgy Princess loved the smallest small subject) down to the lower level of the castle, to investigate what the other small subjects were unto.  

The Podgy Princess already was confused by the names she had given the other small subjects and decided that it really would be easier to call them small subject version 1 (v1) for the eldest small subject, then v2 for the middle of the true small subject and then v3 for the true smallest small subject.   They had let the royal dog out in the garden, who is as mad as a bucket of frogs on acid, and watching the dog leap and spring about the garden chasing the snow as if fell made the Podgy Princess smile, and feel glad that she had, not as she had threatened to do on several occasion, turned the dog into a pair of shoes and a matching handbag.

The morning passed in a flurry of activity, the Scruffy Prince was due home today for a couple of nights to rest from his hunting of trolls.  The Podgy Princess, answered the question of when is Dad's plane leaving sever thousand times before she formulated the plan to actually go to the airport and meet the Scruffy Prince off of the royal jet.  The Podgy Princess really had to hurry and scurry around to get the small subjects organised for the 90 minute journey to the airport.  As she was making packed lunches to keep the small subjects tummies full she realised that she, herself had not eaten all day and thought that she really better rectify the situation.  She really didn't feel that she could stomach a milk shake, or had time for a soup, so she grabbed a chocolate bar - vanilla and almond today.  

Again it was pleasant enough, and was chewy which the Podgy Princess liked, it was one thing that she struggled with on the previous diet, having something to actually sink her teeth into.   She managed to get all the small subjects loaded into the car and drove the 90 minutes north.

The unusual event of the Podgy Princess with all the small subjects dragging behind her of them being on time happened.  Small Subject v1 actually commented "the Royal family on time two days in a row shocker" as the Podgy Princess did actually get the small subjects to the ball the night before on time.  "go me" thought the Podgy Princess.  

The family headed home.  The Scruffy Prince driving all the small subjects home and the Podgy Princess going off to do some shopping.   She did buy herself a rather nice shiny object, and some gifts for the Scruffy Princes parents.   The Podgy Princess very much enjoyed the drive home, listening to loud music.

When the Podgy Princess arrived home she realised that she was a very tired Podgy Princess and retired to her bed to catch up on some of the missed beauty sleep of the night before.   Unfortunately this didn't really go to plan and the Podgy Princess didn't really manage to sleep, so she got up and pottered round her boudoir sorting her luggage out from the last time that she had seen Prince Charming.

The small subjects all were heading to bed, and the Podgy Princess bid them all goodnight, and tucked them in for the night with a goodnight kiss.   She headed downstairs, on her arrival there The Scruffy Prince looked at her and asked "are you ok, you look a bit pale"  she replied honestly "no I feel like poo" what is wrong asked the Scruffy Prince.   The Podgy Princess took a breath in and said "I feel a bit miserable, I am cold, I am tired and and I am hungry, to top it off I am a bit dizzy from my blood pressure being low, and also my tremor is bad and I can't find the new box of my medication"  The Scruffy Prince offered his sympathy and asked what he could do.  The Podgy Princess asked him to look for the medicine, and he did, then remembered that when he had collected the prescription the pharmacy was actually short on the medication and they owed the Podgy Princess another box.   Of course this was on a Saturday after the chemist had shut.   Still the Podgy Princess thought to herself, "at least all the extra movement will burn a few extra calories"

The Scruffy Prince helped the Podgy Princess mix 2 sachets of the curry noodle soup that she had enjoyed and the Podgy Princess ate them.  Having 2 at the same time actually made the Podgy Princess tummy feel full and she no longer felt hungry.   Having warm soup and 2 pairs of socks and her attractive pink boot type slippers warmed the Princess, and sitting happily on the couch stopped the low blood pressure being an issue, and the Podgy Princess perked up considerably.

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